Apr. 1st, 2017 08:55 pm
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Title: Vultures
Author: soncnica
Rating: R, or close to NC-17
Genre/Pairing: AU, Jared/Jensen, OMC's, OFC's
Wordcount: cca. 7.900
Summary: He lives in that house; him and the others. They’re all family.
Warnings/tags: blood, death (not J2), talk of sex/no sex, bottom!Jensen, mystery?, kinda dark fic, explicit language, super short Jensen/OFC, implied age difference&underage, weirdness all around.
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: I should really be doing work on my BigBang, but I also just really wanted to write something like this. *runs away*


A Question

Mar. 8th, 2017 03:04 pm
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*raises hand* I have a question: so, do you think that if you have 10k of a draft for a story, is it possible to get up to 20k!? Like easily up to 20k or will I have to sweat blood and tears and make up words that aren't even in the English dictionary!? I reeeeeally want to do this year's BigBang but I'm afraid that I'm focusing too much on a story that might make it up to 20k, while I could concentrate on a different story that also MIGHT get up to 20k.
*sigh* the worries of a writer ... no one said it was easy, huh?
So any advice, any experiences anyone would like to share?! :) I'll take it all!
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Title: Someday 1/3
Author: soncnica
Rating: PG-13
Genre/Pairing: Sam, Dean, gen, teen!chesters (Sam is 13, Dean is 17)
Wordcount: cca. 6.000 words
Summary: Someday life will be better, someday Sam will have friends, someday ... but not today.
Warnings/tags: drunk!Sam, vomiting, bullying (off screen), language.
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.

Someday )


Nov. 19th, 2016 07:39 pm
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Title: Mercy
Author: soncnica
Rating: R
Genre/Pairing: AU, general, Jared, Jensen
Wordcount: cca. 1.400
Summary: ... mercy, mercy ...
Warnings/tags: hurt!Jensen, blood, mystery?
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.

Mercy )

Me meme

Aug. 1st, 2016 07:51 pm
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Because [ profile] herminekurotowa tagged me & who am I to say no to that crazy chick!? :)

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You know what sucks? I mean, well a lot of things suck LOL, but ... it sucks, too, when you write a story, but you're too lazy to edit it. *sigh* Like really too lazy. I mean editing takes soooooooooooooooooooooooo much work&time&concentration. I can write you a story in an hour or so, but then I edit for daaaaaays (sometimes weeks)!!! Ugh. It's annoying. It really is.
Sometimes I wish I could just post an un-edited story. You know!? With all the grammar mistakes, with all the weird, odd, crazy sentence structure, etc. I mean the story would have a head and a tail, of course, hahha, but it would be like hot off the press type thingy. Just written. Not edited. Not fixed. Just ... as natural as it flew from under the fingers. :)

Although, I think some people do that too. I sometimes see a story, that has so many mistakes that I'm just like: "what is this!? mistake central!?"
And no, I'm not a grammar nazi, so don't go there.
And sometimes I find a story, that is said had been betaed, but dude, who betaed for you!? Aliens!?

So yeah, sometimes I totally wanna join those people who post their stories with tons of mistakes or with an incompetent beta (yes I said incompetent, because come on, if you're a beta it's basically your job to find mistakes, not ignore them!)

Oh well, so editing for me later this week. :)



Mar. 18th, 2016 07:27 pm
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Title: Raw
Author: soncnica
Rating: PG-13
Genre/Pairing: Sam, Dean, gen
Wordcount: cca. 420
Summary: Love is a raw feeling.
Warnings/tags: hurt!Dean, h/c
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.

Raw )
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Title: Like Moths Upon Old Scarves
Author: soncnica
Rating: PG-13
Genre/Pairing: Sam, Dean, gen, OFC
Wordcount: cca. 4.000
Summary: A witch, a Sam, a poison and a cure. Dean sure has his hands full.
Warnings: Season 3, hurt!Sam, H/C, witches&poisons&potions, blood&gore, old fashioned hurt/comfort story
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: I received an incredible present for my birthday this year. My wonderful friend Mystic25 made me a book - she took this story, made art for it, binded it all and send it to me. When I opened the package, I was just blown away. Just incredible. So I asked her if she was okay with me posting the story with the art she made and she said she's cool with it. YAAAAY :) So all the art in this story was made by Mystic25, and I love it, because apart from being black&white it has this grotesque feel to it that I just adore.
The title comes from a Panic At The Disco song called ''Northern Downpour''. The story was first written in 2009 & posted on It was written for a prompt: ''pour something into Sam''. Heh. There's a remix of the story, written by Mad Server over HERE!

Like Moths Upon Old Scarves )
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I just want to wish everyone who is reading this HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS or just a WONDERFUL DAY! May it be peaceful and calm, filled with people you love!

I showed my cat the little Santa hat and she started to sniff it and I was like: ''hey sweetie, let me put this on your head for a sec.'' and she was totally up for it:

So from me and one of my cats (I have three, fyi) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! And be good to each other!

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... I very rarely post things that AREN'T stories, but I need to ... have a bit of a 'I need a break' here. I was on vacation for the last 3 days with a friend of mine and we went around my country and we (totally unplanned and totally on a weird accident) visited 2 monastaries. With monks still living there. And we saw the monks, they were very polite, very quiet-spoke, very nice, kind.
And ....I wanted to write J2 where one of them is a monk.

Problem ... )

The Teller

Sep. 14th, 2015 12:04 pm
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Title: The Teller
Author: soncnica
Rating: R,G?
Genre/Pairing: AU, general, Jared, Jensen, Genevieve, OMC's, OFC's, implied Jared/Jensen
Wordcount: cca. 14.500 words
Summary: Jared is a Teller; he's been born as one, it's who he is. And Lord Ackles summoned him to Tell.
Warnings/tags: AU (fantasy, historical, Middle Ages), mpreg, pregnant!Jensen, mystery&secrets, kind of dark!fic, implied/referenced minor character(s) death(s), magic, blood magic, language, comfort, emotional hurt/comfort, Jared has powers, referenced/implied off screen child death, happy ending, crying, grief/mourning, no sex, childhood memories
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nothing!!! Really nothing!!!
A/N: What did I just write, what?!?!?!?! I have a very complicated relationship with mpreg, but still ... I wrote this. *shakes head* Maybe because this isn't mpreg mpreg, but ... sort of mpreg, I found it easier to write!? Dunno .... also, if I don't start posting this, I'll chicken out and never finish this, so ... here goes. Please read the warnings, as they're there for a reason!

PART 1 _II_  PART 2 _II_  PART 3 // AO3


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