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Title: A Bullet And A Fire (4.244 words, PG-13)
Summary: “I gotcha, Bobby’s gotcha, we gotcha. I gotcha, ‘s okay.” words like balsam dripping into Dean’s mind.

Title: Seek (2.600 words, PG-13)
Summary: He was searching for his brother, stumbling down a hallway, leaving smears of blood on the wall behind him.

Title: Beats (690 words, PG-13)
Summary: There are beats that say ...

Title: Reviving Sammy (800 words, PG-13)
Summary: All this … is seriously messing with Dean's perception of what Death is.

Title: Lazy Saturday Afternoon (800 words,
Summary: It was a lazy Saturday afternoon when Sam was trying to stop his brother from bleeding to death.

Title: Morphine Me (1.700 words, PG-13)
Summary: Sam has to stitch Dean up. Dean demands morphine and Sam provides him with the cheap kind.

Title: In Ruins - Rising Tide (50.040 words, R, AU) -> my 1st Sam Dean OTP MiniBang 2014
Summary: Sam, the Inquisitor and Dean, the Hunter are trying to save the Land from a killer that cannot be seen or smelled or touched, a killer that attacks more viciously than anything anyone has ever faced. And it left the Land in ruins.
Warnings/tags: fantasy AU (a mix of medieval times & present time), blood, gore, disgusting imagery, language, hurt/comfort, POV changes (but I think they aren’t very distracting), hurt!Dean, dark!fic, mystery, magic, mention of torture, nudity, boys raised apart (but they know of each other&are together for 3/4 of the story), not a death fic

Pieshly Frustrated (750 words, PG-13)
Summary: Dean and his pie. I think I don't have to elaborate further on that. Spoilers for S7.

Title: The Stillness Of Running (1.180 words, PG-13)
Summary: Christmas during the Stanford years: sometimes Dean wonders if it would be so bad, wandering out into the snow storm and slowly freezing until he can't feel a damn thing anymore.
A/N: Written for a Winter/Holiday themed Dean-focused h/c comment-fic meme on hoodie_time.

Sick (1.770 words,
Summary: Dean's sick but he won't admit it. Oh, the joy.

Title: Wakefulness (370 words,
PG-13, S1)
Summary: Laying in bed, in the middle of the night, trying to ease your brother away from nightmares... it's all in the job description of being a big brother.

Title: Santa Won't Find Me Here (1.050 words, PG-13)
Summary: It’s not the first Christmas Dean’s spent in the hospital.
A/N: Written for a Winter/Holiday themed Dean-focused h/c comment-fic meme on hoodie_time.

Title: Swallow Down Your Hisses (3.100 words, PG-13)
Summary: It was an ungodly hour when Sam held Dean down for Bobby to push a tube down Dean's throat.
: This is a prompt fill for this prompt over at hoodie_time.

Title: Elevator (600 words, PG-13)
Summary: He's stuck in an elevator and there's a spider on the ceiling.

Title: The Road (3.500 words, PG-13)
Summary: …you know? The one that Sam hates, because of what happened to him there. Twice. Wee!Chesters, Sam is 9, Dean is 13. Sick!Sam.

Title: Intro (1.418 words,
PG-13, spoilers for S4, S5, warnings: torture kinda)
Summary: Dean has been kidnapped. Taken. Gone for four days and three nights. Sam's on it. He's gonna find him. He is. Just watch him. This will be continued in 'Rescue Mission'.

Title: Rescue Mission (PG-13, 13.041 words, spoilers for S4, S5)
Summary: Dean has been kidnapped. Taken. Gone for four days and three nights. Sam's on it. He's gonna find him. He is. Just watch him. This continues my story Intro.
A/N: I used Breaking Benjamin's song called 'Away' for, huh, idk how to call it ... chapter descriptions, idk ... those sentences in italics ... idk, LOL but whatever you wanna call it, I do not own those.


Title: Shut The Gates At Sunset (48.040 words,
PG-13, S1, warnings: catatonia and abuse but not Sam or Dean ... and dunno, blood lose. And Sam has a lot of erm embarrassing moments. Let's call it a supernatural injury.)
Summary: Shut the gates at sunset, after that you can't get out. A case finds Sam.
A/N: The title and the summary come from a song 'Enjoy The Ride' by Morcheeba. The song has nothing to do with the story, I just thought it would be an appropriate title for it.


Title: The Why's To The No's (1.232 words, PG-13, spoilers for S6E2)
Summary: Dean and Ben talk.

Title: A Pulse, Your Pulse (592 words, PG-13)
Summary: A pulse, your pulse, it's the only thing I can remember.
A/N: The title and the summary come from a song
'If there's a rocket tie me to it' by Snow Patrol.

Title:Is It Hot In Here? (7.480 words, PG-13)
Summary: Dean's got a poisonous thorn stuck somewhere in his body ... Sam will have to heat up the knife.


Title: Blood And Snow (2.428 words, PG-13, warnings: blood)
Summary: Dean's breath is growing still and shallow while he's lying on the snow, watching it turn red.

Title: Safety (672 words, PG-13)
Summary: Dean's got a gun under the pillow. Sam's safe. Wee!chesters, Sam is 5, Dean is 9.

Title: It's Not The Lives That You Save (1.472 words, PG-13, spoilers for all seasons minus S6 and all eps minus eps of S6)
Summary: It's not the lives that you save, but what the silence will scream.

Title: Drowning (3.590 words, PG-13)
Summary: Sam is drowning in the sea and Dean saves him.

Title: These Days
(800 words, PG-13)
Summary: These days ... alcohol is the only thing keeping him alive.

Title: Days When Pain Is All You Have (2.900 words, PG-13)
Summary: "Okay, okay, alright, 'm calling an ambulance, because man…" there are some things that Sam just can't fix, not on days like these.

Title: Adeline (1.700 words, PG-13)
Summary: For what it's worth … Mommy says that their Daddy is gonna scream real pretty too. Wee!chesters, Sam's 5, Dean's 9.

Title: Awesome New Year (600 words, PG-13)
Summary: Sam gets drunk. Dean deals with it. Sam's 16, Dean's 20.

Title: Haboob (9.500 words,
Summary: The heat and the dust are making them crazy, but when the cold and the snow come, it's even worse.

Title: Bait (2.380 words
, PG-13)
Summary: Obviously something went wrong on this hunt. And obviously Sam took most of the trouble.

Title: Enjoy The Ride (24.690 words, PG-13)
Summary: Dean gets cursed, because he can't keep his paws to himself, when Sam says so. But Sam finds a cure, one which Dean will definitely not enjoy the ride on. So Sam has to play dirty.


Title: The Moons Are Burning (2.300 words, R)
Summary: SpaceAU. Dean's got burn scars from at least half-a-dozen blaster firefights over the years, but he's never taken a direct hit before.

Title: Breathing On Luna (8.500 words, R)
Summary: Space!AU, 2nd in the 'burning moons!verse'. Sam got hit by the ice waters of Ganymede and Dean needed to get him to Luna fast, or else Sam would turn into an ice statue.


Title: Breath, Like A White Cloud (11.200 words, PG-13)
Summary: This wasn't how he was supposed to have spend this day. He was supposed to have spend it with Jess and his friends, not gasping for breath with his brother being the only comfort he had. Darn witches.



Title: A Trunk With Its Darkness Is A Good Place To… (2.890 words, R)
Summary: Sam and Dean are locked up in a trunk of a car; Dean's panicking and Sam's trying to distract him.
Warnings: Okay, so... language, Dean panicking and the prompt said dirty talk, but yeah ... I failed there, so let's say more of a talk about sex, AND in some way even blindfold and bondage ... in some weird way. And car!sex in some other odd way! Man ... this is hard.
A/N: Written for a prompt (can be found in my A/N's in the story) on spnkink_meme.

Title: Their Own Little World (3.900 words, NC-17)
Summary: When the lights go out, their prison cell becomes their own little world.
Warnings: prison!sex(fic), rimming, marking, biting, language
Written for this kinda old prompt on spnkink_meme: Sam/Dean. Angst free, slow, lights out bunk sex with the boys in prison in the same cell. Lots of foreplay and simple touching, heavy breathing and neck nibbling with muffled voices so the other inmates don't hear. Once the lights go off it's their own little world. (Prison shouldn't be this fun.)

Title: Paper Cut (1.440 words, R)
Summary: Dean has a paper cut. And it hurts.
A/N: Ha, I found this prompt on spnkink_meme and just had to try and write it.

Title: I Wanna Teach You A Lesson In The Worst Kinda Way (15.000 words, NC-17) -> my 1st Supernatural Hardcore BigBang
Summary: Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name, it will be held against you …
Warnings/tags: hurt/comfort, bottom!Dean, dom/sub, punishment, object insertion -> catheter, watersports (kind of, but not really), desperation, established relationship, coming untouched, begging&crying, praise, rimming&fingering (little bit), belly!kink, licking&touching (it deserves a warning, me thinks like whoa), humiliation (not intended, but still), trust!, control and loss of it, no-sex, POV-altering, explicit language


Title: At Last (900 words, PG-13, AU)
Summary: It can't be too late, it just can't be. It's never too late, never. It's never too late to be with the love of your life.
Warnings: sad!fic/happy!fic, a bit schmoopy, death fic BUT with a happy ending!? Does that make sense!? tissue warning (maybe?)

Title: The Teller (14.500 words, R, AU)
Summary: Jared is a Teller; he's been born as one, it's who he is. And Lord Ackles summoned him to Tell.
Warnings: AU (fantasy, historical, Middle Ages), mpreg, pregnant!Jensen, mystery&secrets, kind of dark!fic, implied/referenced minor character(s) death(s), magic, blood magic, language, comfort, emotional hurt/comfort, Jared has powers, referenced/implied off screen child death, happy ending, crying, grief/mourning, no sex, childhood memories

Title: Life Like An Ocean
2.100 words, PG-13, AU)
Summary: Jared's an archeologist/thief and Jensen's been his assistant/sidekick for only three years and he's already getting an ulcer. On top of a nervous breakdown. On top of this being the best time of his life.
Warnings: language, abuse of clichés, mentions of torture

Kosti!verse --> Summary: Jensen gets send to a camp. Jared is the psychologist there.
                     Warnings: child abuse, language, violence, attempted suicide. And Jensen is 16, Jared is 26.

Title: Land Of Midnight (3.460 words, R, AU)
Summary: These days had to end, because after midnight new days would begin. And killing these days was Jared's destiny, killing these creatures was his fate and killing the last creature would burn.
Warnings: dark!fic, not a death!fic per se, gore, angst?

Title: In Between (100.077 words, R, AU) -> my 1st spn_j2_bigbang
Summary: They were here first - a story of Earth destroyed because of fear. A story of cities in ruins, overgrown forests, crystals, home in ice, frozen lakes and spacious caves. A story of anger and fear and stars and darkness and forgiveness. A story of finding family in the most unlikely places. A story of sacrifice and letting go of what one never really had.
Warnings: hurt/comfort, hurt!Jensen, hurt!Jared, BAMF!Jensen, disturbing imagery (creepy, dark, weird, fantasy, violence), blood&gore, blood drinking, future!fic - apocalyptic Earth, fantasy, death of minor character(s), drugs (mention and non-con use), not a death fic (per se), explicit language, grief, loneliness.

Title: All The Nobody People (6.800 words, NC-17, AU)
Summary: In this city of power, sex and money, he was just trying to survive. In this city of steel and wood, the drug was the only way for him to stay alive. In this city of steam and coal, the green eyed man was the only one who ever saw him.
Warnings: steampunk AU, hooker!Jared, drugs, drug use!!, h/c, language, non-con Jared/OMC (super short scene), not a death fic (just in case)

Title: Like A Superhero (with disordered superpowers) (7.500 words, R, AU)
Summary: Falling asleep is his superpower. Not very aaaaamazing.
Warnings: hurt/comfort, sick!Jensen, age difference (Jensen is 16, Jared is 24), narcolepsy, talk and attempt (in the past) of suicide, bullying, talk of depression, possible medical inaccuracies (I think you can't be accurate about something you don't have), language, memories.

Title: Hook(ed) (10.400 words, R, AU)
Summary: Jensen got hook(ed) in more ways than he ever imagined when he crashed his neighbor's party. And it felt so good. So good.
Warnings: steampunk AU, a hook deliberately through someone's skin (idk how to warn for that LOL), mention of: needle play, het and sounding, dirty talk (more like 'planting ideas, hoping they'll grow' … is that dirty talk? heh), hurt!comfort, hurt!Jensen, off screen death of a minor character (grief and loss), pain and blood, non-con that turns into consensual (could also say coercion/persuasion?!), implied future dom/sub relationship (probably not-sexual), coming untouched, voyeurism (kinda), language, no permanent damage, not a death fic


Title: Stockholm, 1973 (21.078 words, R, AU)
Summary: Jared is a serial killer. Jensen is his next victim. If your google-fu is awesome, googling the title of this fic will give you an idea how this fic will end.
Warnings: Well Jared is a serial killer with a desire to see and make people bleed so... warnings? Dark!fic, knives, blood, drugs, kinda psycho Jared, no disfiguration for Jensen or anything like that. And NO CHARACTER DEATH...


Title: Brittle Memories (11.000 words, R, AU)
Summary: He didn't want to die like this, with some guy talking all kinda weird things. He didn't wanna die with some 'mad scientist' testing stuff on him, drugging him, hurting him, torturing him, especially in a place like - wherever this was. And then … that got shot down faster than one could say 'wtf just happened?', because he certainly was not expecting that. He was so trippin' on something here.
Warnings: object insertion (idk how else to call it, but it's nonsexual, but just in case that makes you go eww), kidnapping, hurt/comfort (hurt!Jensen), totally-made-up medical&other stuff, amnesia (well, not really), overuse of the words 'oh God' (sorry!), drugs, language, mystery and all around weirdness (can't help myself), NOT a death fic, and no lasting damage done to either of the boys (I could never!), happy ending



Title: Valentine's Day In Prison (3.700 words, NC-17, AU)
Summary: Jared is serving a prison sentence and Jensen is his partner on the outside, who arranges to see him during conjugal visits. Sex happens in that tiny room.
Warnings: Consensual sex, barebacking, manhandling, wall!sex, biting, claiming, zero recovery time, I tried dirty talk, but I think I failed, language.
A/N: Written for a prompt (can be found in my A/N's in the story) on spnkink_meme.

Title: R Ya Flyin'? 'm Fallin' (2.400 words, NC-17, AU)
Summary: Jared's flyin', Jensen's fallin'. There's no difference when you're a vampire.
: blood, blood, blood, a blow job with a fang, maybe a fang!job, biting, language. Maybe even a bit of a historical!fic.

Title: Mine/Yours/Mine (3.200 words, NC-17, AU)
Summary: He belonged to no one … until ...
Warnings: werewolf!AU, bottom!Jensen, knotting, claiming, marking with come, blood

Title: Silence Around Us (1.030 words, R, AU)
Summary: Jared was like a line of fire along Jensen's spine, while the wall was a solid coldness on Jensen's chest.
A/N: kinda rough, long foreplay, manhandling, totally consensual and an innocent wall?

Title: Made Of Dark (1.800 words, R, AU)
Summary: Marked and claimed and turned by the creature of dark.
Warnings: werewolf!Jared, human!Jensen, blood, gore, animalistic behavior?, bestiality(in a way, kinda), biting, claiming(sort of), feral, pain(a bit), not a death!fic.

Title: Sometimes Breathin' Ain't Enough (4.120 words, NC-17, AU)
Summary: It's all about memories and trust. All about how one event shapes you into who you are. With them? It just shaped them a bit … crooked.
Warnings: dark!fic, serial killers( dark!boys), bondage, blood, branding(kinda), breathplay(choking), claiming, gunplay, handcuffs(kinda), marking(burns), murder, pain, memories, trust, poweplay(kinda?), not a death!fic, language.

Title: But The Storm Is A-Coming 'Cross The Hills Tonight (16.000 words, G,R idk, AU)
Summary: Jared is King Dean Morgan’s knight. He is the one the King calls for whenever torture or punishment has to be done and Jared’s expertise is whipping. Jensen is his next victim. Or is he?
A/N: Gore, blood, whipping and all that goes along with that, mystery, magic, abuse of history and knighthood, angst?, NO character death, NO disfigurement, hurt!Jensen, h/c.


Title: Smokin' 's Bad For Ya... Or Not (1.300 words, R, AU)
Summary: It was never like this, but God help him, he likes it.
A/N: I saw a prompt on blindfold_spn and just had to write it.

Title: Forbidden (6.300 words, NC-17, AU)
Summary: "Don't go there, Jensen," his mother used to tell him every single day since he was able to understand words, "it's forbidden." Now he knew why.
Warnings: blood, gore, violence, age difference, dark(ness), (mentioned) child abuse, creepy, mystery, fantasy, hurt!Jensen, were!Jared, language, NOT a death fic, orgasm denial (kinda)

Date: 2011-01-09 03:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oooh.One dayI will read these LOL...also I should do one of these. I have like masterposts only for multichaps.

Date: 2011-01-10 06:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL :)) ahhhaha you don't have to babe! :) and YES you should do something like this ASAP so that I can go through that list!

adn WHERE THE FUCK did you get that ICON with Jared and glasses and *brain melts*

Date: 2011-01-10 10:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I will, I will! And I will read them! I just don't have time LOL after all the j2 fics I read.

I emailed you the pic, made the icon myself <3

Date: 2011-01-12 03:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
but, but, but... you read (I think) all of the stories here..... you did!!!!

THANK YOU so much for that pic... made my day, seriously.. thank you! they are so hot! man.. guh!

*hugs you*

Date: 2011-04-10 04:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

Date: 2011-04-10 04:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
awww awesome!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! *beams*

I'm really happy that you decided to come here and check it and that you found something that you liked!!!:))))

*squee* thank you so much!!!!


Date: 2011-04-12 10:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

Date: 2013-03-14 04:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey!!! How are you? it's been a long time without "seeing" you, I hope you've been fine though. I've missed your writing, I supose your muse is on vacations, I can't forget your talented writing and your vivid descriptions of those places where your stories elapse. My life is more or less the same old story,however good things have happened: My youngest daugther is now in college, she gave a good university selection test and got one of the (few) places (there are 50 thousand for 130 thousand applications more or less). summer is almost done here and is a good thing because the sun was dangerous and it was awfully hot.
I wish you a great year, and you know, time with family, friends, love and money (ups) in huge amounts.
Love, xime.

Date: 2013-03-14 04:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heeeey :-):-):-) thank you so much for stoping by :-) *huggles* I have to say that I am working on 4 stories ... and I hope I will be able to put them up soon :-) so, be on the lookout for that and thank you so much for saying you like my writing ... this will make writing easier .. because its such a great feeling to know that at least one person will read what I write lol :-):-):-)
Awesome, congrats to your daughter *high five* you must be really proud of her... :-):-) awesome!
Argh, dude, its winter here and so so so snowy and sooo cold and I need NEED spring to come already, but yeah ... summer can be super hot here too, so... I do not know what is better hot or cold :-)

Thank you again so very much for this comment! I really cannot tell you with words just how much it means to me! *hugs you tight*
Have a super great day and I hope to "read" you soon in one of my stories :-):-):-)


Date: 2013-03-14 04:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I must say that I was talking about "The Hunt", I always go to Padackles to search for fics, today I came here to your journal and saw that you ARE writing (do write?), my mistake, I must be honest (can't be in any other way) I don't read many Sam/Dean fics, can't say why, is just a fact, but I'm gonna read the ones you have here, and I will comment.
And about your writing, there are lots of people who read and enjoy your writing, I dare to say that I don't know if you post in communities, or in your journal only, but if you do post in communities you surely know that.
And as I unleashed my mouth I wanted to ask if have you thought in the next chap of The Hunt? will you please tell us if you won't end it? You know I can wait, I just want to know.

Date: 2013-03-14 05:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Its okay, I know a lot of people are waiting for the hunt and I will most definitely, 10000% continue the story and end it ... its just .. the next chapter is sex and ... well now that Jared has a baby and Jensen has a baby too... I feel really strange writing it, ya know? I have to totally push that aside and concentrate on the people in the story and its hard ... i really have to say that .. but, i will finish it, i swear, because i love writing it, love being in that world and i have big plans for it :-)
Oh I write Sam/Dean and I write general spn fics, not just slash lol, but if you are talking slash spn fics, you don't need to read them, if its not your thing ... I would feel really bad and kinda like i forced you to read something you do not like .. :-) ya know? :-)
Erm, the next fic i will post will be J2, general, no slash ... do you read those? :-):-)
And yeah i post in communities, erm lol, shit forgot where *runs to check* erm ...J2au, super_real, and i think i was never on padackles ... should go check it out :-)


Date: 2013-03-14 05:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh no, I don't read them because they are in places that I don't go often, I like all the stories about them (gen, slash, kink, mpreg ...) I can't stand other pairings with the boys though, and don't read them specialy Cass, Gabriel, Alaistar, etc.
About Padackles, I think I found you there? honestly don't know, but my favorites writers post there, and now I go every day to search new stories from them, and then I found other stories, and sometimes great authors(that I start following).
When I don't like a story, I cant keep reading,it is beyond me, either because the story is bad or the author isn't good enough in writing, IMHO.
I've just read drunk Sam and laugh about him puking Dean's arm. It was funny. And good.

Date: 2013-03-14 05:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooh, I missunderstood then :-) sorry :-) but yes, I do not write or read anyother pairing but sam/dean or j2, anything else is just NO! I can't stomach it, because for me, they boys are the only ones :-):-)
Oh, hmmm, I just don't remember if i ever posted on padackles, crap ...i should check and idk, maybe start posting there too :-):-)
Yes, I agree with you .. I am the same way ... if i find a really awesome story then i go check the author out, but when a story just doesn't do anything for me, then I stop reading :-)
Omfg pukingSam is my favorite! Where is the story? Link me :-)

Date: 2013-03-14 05:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You are kidding me right? maybe the word wasn't story? my mistake:

Title: Awesome New Year (PG-13, 600 words)
Summary: Sam gets drunk. Dean deals with it. Sam's 16, Dean's 20.

Date: 2013-03-14 06:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahaha, I understood that you read a story from someone else, not me, and so i was like... awesome, link me! :-):-) gosh, you have to forgive me, its my bday and i am too excited lol :-)
But yay, awesome you liked the story! And pukeSam is my favorite, so i write it a lot! Lol :-)


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