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Mar. 8th, 2017 03:04 pm
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*raises hand* I have a question: so, do you think that if you have 10k of a draft for a story, is it possible to get up to 20k!? Like easily up to 20k or will I have to sweat blood and tears and make up words that aren't even in the English dictionary!? I reeeeeally want to do this year's BigBang but I'm afraid that I'm focusing too much on a story that might make it up to 20k, while I could concentrate on a different story that also MIGHT get up to 20k.
*sigh* the worries of a writer ... no one said it was easy, huh?
So any advice, any experiences anyone would like to share?! :) I'll take it all!
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You know what sucks? I mean, well a lot of things suck LOL, but ... it sucks, too, when you write a story, but you're too lazy to edit it. *sigh* Like really too lazy. I mean editing takes soooooooooooooooooooooooo much work&time&concentration. I can write you a story in an hour or so, but then I edit for daaaaaays (sometimes weeks)!!! Ugh. It's annoying. It really is.
Sometimes I wish I could just post an un-edited story. You know!? With all the grammar mistakes, with all the weird, odd, crazy sentence structure, etc. I mean the story would have a head and a tail, of course, hahha, but it would be like hot off the press type thingy. Just written. Not edited. Not fixed. Just ... as natural as it flew from under the fingers. :)

Although, I think some people do that too. I sometimes see a story, that has so many mistakes that I'm just like: "what is this!? mistake central!?"
And no, I'm not a grammar nazi, so don't go there.
And sometimes I find a story, that is said had been betaed, but dude, who betaed for you!? Aliens!?

So yeah, sometimes I totally wanna join those people who post their stories with tons of mistakes or with an incompetent beta (yes I said incompetent, because come on, if you're a beta it's basically your job to find mistakes, not ignore them!)

Oh well, so editing for me later this week. :)

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... I very rarely post things that AREN'T stories, but I need to ... have a bit of a 'I need a break' here. I was on vacation for the last 3 days with a friend of mine and we went around my country and we (totally unplanned and totally on a weird accident) visited 2 monastaries. With monks still living there. And we saw the monks, they were very polite, very quiet-spoke, very nice, kind.
And ....I wanted to write J2 where one of them is a monk.

Problem ... )


Jan. 31st, 2015 11:17 am
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< --- *points to icon*


heh :-)

Nov. 11th, 2014 05:22 pm
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You know what I love? I love it when a plot idea hits me out of the blue ... I wrote a scene for a story almost 2 years ago, well 2 years and 4 months (I checked the date and ... nevermind) and I had absolutey no clue what I wanted to do with it and sure I could just post the scene but that's not really me, is it? So last night an idea just bam hit me like lightning and now I have a plot to wrap that scene into ... heh, idk just wanted to share. It made me realize that hey, sometimes something just needs to marinate for a while! No rush ... :-)
Anywho ... have an awesome day! :-)

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I has it, I has it!!! I has an artist for my samdean OTP minibang!!! Am I allowed to say who it is?! What are the rules on that!? I don't know - is it top secret!? CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB run!?  I have no clue *shrugs* because I just kinda wanna scream it to everyone ... maybe I can open the window and shout out the penname!? LOL ‘cause I was really scared/nervous/terrified of these claims …
BUT I'm soooooo fucking excited, you have no idea how much, can't put it to words really and my artist is excited too and that just makes me even more excited and and and as you know 'm a very enthusiastic person and she sounds like one too and I AM DYING HERE, BECAUSE she looooooooves all the little plot thingies I've already given her and ya know planning things around that and SHE LOOOOOOOOVES gore and blood and things with wings and *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*  and she sounds incredibly uber-super awesome and sooo easy to talk to (which helps a lot when you're so damn nervous to make 1st contact with someone) and we're both excited and I'm gonna faint soon! the end


I so cannot wait to see what she will do for art!!! soooo excited!!!! *breathes, breathes*

okay, just wanted to squee a bit about this ... *grins*


the art for my spn hardcore bigbang is ALREADY DONE too by the super-crazy talented, oh wait am I allowed to say this, or what? I mean the claims are public over on the page so ... oh well, whatever! THE SUPER AWESOMELY TALENTED AND ALL AROUND INCREDIBLE [livejournal.com profile] amber1960 but I couldn't squee about that before, because what she made - the picture she made - actually made me incoherent for a very long time! OH MY DEAR FUCK! Seriously, WOW! When I saw the art she send me my eyes watered and I was thiiiiiiiiiiis close to actually crying, because STUNNING!!!! And I can't wait for people who will read the story, to see the picture she made for that! WOW, JUST WOW I'm still totally stunned!

stay awesome
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So I just send in my draft for the samdean OTP minibang! :) YAY!!!!

This is where my rambling hides...beware! )

BUT IN HAPPIER NEWS: I finally will be able to post that J2 fic that has like 37 warnings/tags, so that's something, right?! I counted them, I had to do it three times, because *scratches head* I kinda got lost somewhere around 26, LOL and had to re-count, but yeah ... but I had to write them all down, because I don't want to trigger anyone with anything and I certainly don't wanna deal with comments that would scream at me why I didn't warn for a certain thing. I'm so not in the mood.

Stay awesome!!! :)
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Soooo, I send in my draft for umm SPN-HARDCORE-BIGBANG, so yup, that is happening!!! And jeesh, 'm not sure if it really is hardcore, but well ... I guess what is and what is not hardcore is a pretty subjective thing ...
Anywho ... oh man, what did I just write!?!?!? *shakes head* But I would probably never ever post this story if it wasn't under this BB's wings. NEVER!
Now I have to do a lot of editing and then it'll be dooooone! It's at 9k+ right now, so with editing it will maybe be around 11k! DUDE, THAT IS 11.000 words DESCRIBING ONE SCENE!!! ONE SCENE!!! WHAT IS EVEN MY BRAIN?!!?!? idk ahhahahahahahhahahaah .... *shakes head* I need a drink!

:-) :-) stay awesome! :-)


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