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Aug. 1st, 2016 07:51 pm
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Because [ profile] herminekurotowa tagged me & who am I to say no to that crazy chick!? :)

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I just want to wish everyone who is reading this HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS or just a WONDERFUL DAY! May it be peaceful and calm, filled with people you love!

I showed my cat the little Santa hat and she started to sniff it and I was like: ''hey sweetie, let me put this on your head for a sec.'' and she was totally up for it:

So from me and one of my cats (I have three, fyi) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! And be good to each other!

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... I very rarely post things that AREN'T stories, but I need to ... have a bit of a 'I need a break' here. I was on vacation for the last 3 days with a friend of mine and we went around my country and we (totally unplanned and totally on a weird accident) visited 2 monastaries. With monks still living there. And we saw the monks, they were very polite, very quiet-spoke, very nice, kind.
And ....I wanted to write J2 where one of them is a monk.

Problem ... )


Jan. 31st, 2015 11:17 am
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< --- *points to icon*

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So I just send in my draft for the samdean OTP minibang! :) YAY!!!!

This is where my rambling hides...beware! )

BUT IN HAPPIER NEWS: I finally will be able to post that J2 fic that has like 37 warnings/tags, so that's something, right?! I counted them, I had to do it three times, because *scratches head* I kinda got lost somewhere around 26, LOL and had to re-count, but yeah ... but I had to write them all down, because I don't want to trigger anyone with anything and I certainly don't wanna deal with comments that would scream at me why I didn't warn for a certain thing. I'm so not in the mood.

Stay awesome!!! :)
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Sooooooooooooooo I signed up for

Sam Dean OTP Minibang 2014

DO NOT ASK and you shall not receive a dumb answer, because ROFL, all I have are dumb answers! Idk why I signed up, dunno really, but it's only 10.000 words or more and well with my word vomit, I'm sure I can scrounge up 10.000 words, right!?
Yeah ..... and maybe this is an awesome opportunity to finish that Sam and Dean in Sahara fic, I've been working on for like YEARS! ... hmmm ....
And now - after my BigBang - I'm more experienced with this challenge thingies and now I know what/how/when etc.

Have an awesome Saturday!


May. 9th, 2014 06:42 pm
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So, the summaries are up there on the BigBang page for the artists and nosy people *grins, because I'm so one of them* to look at and I saw my summary and nearly puked! LOL :) but in a ''' I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T HANDLE IT''' kinda way :)))) man, this is really happening, huh!?
I'm off to edit my story a bit more, get it to my beta and such and such and then yup, I'll wait for an artist to come and put my words/scenes into pics or manips or idk what :) LOL :) wooohooo!!!
oh and ANOTHER exciting thing happened and I think I can say it .... I was on Tumblr like idk 2, 3 days ago just scrolling down the #supernatural tag and minding my own business lalalalala and then BAAAAM!!! There was a pic of Jared and his EYES!!!! The color of his eyes on that pic (it was probably done in photoshop I think) was EXACTLY the same as I wrote it be in the story! I'm not kidding you, I wish I could give you the pic AND give you the description of Jared's eyes in my story, but I can't ... but I saw the pic and I nearly had a heart attack. It was just THERE and I was like OMFG ARE YOU FUDGING KIDDING ME!!!! WHO IS THIS PERSON WHO SHARES MY BRAIN?!?!?!?! I never told this to anyone, but I have this ... thing ... about colors and I love experimenting with colors in my stories and I just found a combination of colors that I thought would fit Jared's eyes in my story and then BAAAM this person on tumblr colored Jared's eyes EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! How ... how does THAT happen!? I'm still just .. WHOAH! So now, I have a very good visual of Jared's eyes and I can describe them in my story even more detailed! I really just ... whoah!

Uh ... so ... have a wonderful Friday! :) Love&peace!
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... IS OVER!!!! I just got my computer back, all files and all data intact!!! All my stories there, all my pics, vids, music, all is there! phew! *wipes sweat off her brow*
I just wanna say THANK YOU EVERYONE SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, KIND WORDS, FINGERS CROSSINGS AND OFFERED HELP!!! THANK YOU! I have no idea how to really properly thank everyone, but all of you who commented on that ''post of hell'' calmed me down enough to get me breathing again!
And I've learned my lesson, so now I'm making backup files of EVERYTHING, because ... well ... I may be stupid, but I ain't stupid enough to go through something like this again! :)
I learned three very valuable lessons with this ...
2. computer fixing people are Gods and should be worshiped! Seriously ... especially in this day and age when EVERYTHING runs on computers ... yeah ... imagine computers shutting down? just imagine ....
3. The people on my flist are pure gold, or is there something worth more than gold? Oil? Diamonds?! idk, but thank you, to everyone, it really meant so much to get so many kind words ... *hugs you tight*!!!

I'm off to write the next chapter of my BigBang ... or maybe that kink!story ... and ... just ... keep being as awesome as you all are! Okay!?

Love, hugs and peace!
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I am crying my eyes out, my computer BROKE!!!! And and and WHAT IF I LOSE MY BIGBANG?!?!?! I'm giving the computer to get fixed tomorrow and and and ugh, God what if I will lose all my data?? I had my BIGBANG FILE on my desktop, right and like my computer broke in such a way that it says that my desktop cannot be found, that it had been deleted and or the disk shifted and I DO NOT FUCKING KNOW and I have Windows 8 and all the programms there just ... disappeared!! I mean I am noooooo expert and idk maybe the data is still somewhere floating in my computer, but what if its not?!?
I mean ... *wails* what if I will loose my bigbang!? What if I will lose ALL OF MY STORIES???!
I hate this, I hate it and the biggest irony of all of this ... do you wanna know it? I turned on my computer right now to get my big bang on an USB key AND to send it to my beta!!! That is the biggest irony of it all ..... like, at the moment I wanted to do the back up file of it, my computer decided to screw me three ways to Sunday!
I am angry and crying and I just can't ....
I'm on my tablet so, thank goodness for my tablet, but I want my computer so that I can do my Big Bang and and I just wanna know if my data can be saved! I hate that I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what is wrong and where is my data and how long will the fixing take and damn it, its a brand new computer, wtf?!!?

I am done... I'd get drunk, if I didn't already have a headache and took a pill for it ...

I will make a post when I will find out about my data and if the computer is fixed or not .. yeah .... *sigh*

Take care, everyone!


Mar. 30th, 2014 08:02 pm
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But, year Mr. Life doesn't want me to do that, because it's spring and well, I live on a small farm, so ... meadows need raking, the fields need to be plowed, the trees we chopped down need to be hacked into smaller wood (to fit into our fireplace), the animals are having babies, we need to put the seeds into the fields ...  and I'm just DONE! I AM SOOOO TIRED AND I AM SOOO SORE (like muscles I never knew I had are aching) and I feel like I haven't eaten in days ... well, I only eat lunch anyways and even that's like spoon-mouth-spoon-mouth and then back to work! I've lost 2kg already in 3 weeks and I see muscles forming all over my body ... and the spring weather has only begun and ugh ... this year will be busy as always, it seems.
I will TRY my very best to finish this darn BigBang, but it might not be ... all that good! *sigh*

oh so this is what writers of the BigBang call *FREAKING OUT*!? heh,  ... me no likey! no! NO!

Anyhow.. have an awesome week that's ahead of us! :)
Love! :)
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Hey, you guys!

I just wanted to say a very huge, huge, enormous THANK YOU to:

[ profile] yohkobennington, [ profile] mihka_mc, [ profile] twisteddjinni12, [ profile] somersault_j, [ profile] coocoococoo, [ profile] fanspired, [ profile] herminekurotowa, [ profile] sam_dean_lover, [ profile] meus_venator, [ profile] septembers_coda, [ profile] completelyurban, [ profile] fedaykin_here, [ profile] marlowe78, [ profile] brokenhighways

for all the LOVELY, AMAZING, AWESOME, SPECTACULACULAR BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! Thank you so so much! It all meant a lot to me, getting everyone's PM's and LiveJournal posts and virtual gifts and emails! :) THANK YOU!!!

Here's some sunflowers for you all, to brighten up your day, just like you all brightened up my birthday! :)


Love and hugs!
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Well then folk, YOU know you're written something dirydirtydirty when you ACTUALLY have to go to the spnkink-meme's pinboard AND spn-hardcore to check their list of kinks, to KNOW how to call some/certain things in your story! And THEN you really, really, really know it's something dirtybadwrong when the list of kinks becomes 28 (and counting) kinks/tags/warnings long!
t'yeah ... *headdesk*
I've NEVER had to do this, and it freaked me out! It really freaked me out!
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Hey, anyone who will read this! :)

Umm, so something has happened to me in real life, out there beyond the awesome, safe walls of LJ and the SPN world and it made my emotions go into a complete mess! My mind is NOT where it's supposed to be, and I'm just so ... I don't know ... I just need to get back into the game of writing and forget about everything and move on with my life! :)
Soooo I found this neat little meme thingy post idk whatsitcalled :) Does anyone wanna play!? Or not!? I just ... I need to go back to writing! Because writing's my coping mechanism, it's where I'll find answers to all the mess swimming in my head and just deal with this! So maybe talking about writing will get me inspired again and get me back to the place I was before crap happened ... so ...

RULES: Put a number in the comments and I’ll answer. I promise I'll be very brief in my answers, as I know that no one is really interested in long, crazy talk of a crazy person! :) AND to make this more interesting, you give me a number, I answer and you have to answer back with an answer to the same number you gave me! :) Don't be shy!

1. Of the fic you’ve written, of which are you most proud?
2. Favorite tense
3. Favorite POV
4. What are some themes you love writing about?
5. What inspires you to write?
6. Thoughts on critique
7. Create a character on the spot... NOW!
8. Is there a character you love writing for the most? The least? Why?
9. A passage from a WIP (if you chose this, can you give me like what WIP you'd like!? J2, J2 gen, J2 AU, J2 gen AU, Sam/Dean, SPN gen, AU ... you see where this is going, right?)
10. What are your strengths in writing?
11. What are your weaknesses in writing?
12. Anything else that you want to know... (otherwise known as Fill in the Blank)

Thank you! :)
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so ... yeah ... no need to worry that I won't achieve the minimum words required LOL
I already have the prologue DONE
CH1 is right now at 13.487 words, and it's halfway done (meaning I have to squeeze two more scenes in it and then it's done)
and then I only have 3 more chapters to do! YAY :)

*hugs everyone who will read this* :)
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Soooo ... if anyone would like to know (probably no one) BUT ...
I have signed up for the spn_j2_bigbang!
I have gotten myself one of them cute icons and idk who to credit, but oh well ....
I have a TITLE and a SUMMARY for the story!
I have decided it will be J2, not SPN!
I still haven't decided if it will be full on slash OR something very close to it. But not really it.
I already have a beta.
I already have a prologue that is 6.000 words long (yay only 14.000 more words to write!!!)
I have divided the story into a prologue, and 4 chapters, no epilogue, because the last sentence in CH4 will be enough!
I have written a scene already, that made me cry into my pillow and choke on my spit!
I am debating with myself if I should include the mentioned scene in the fic or not, as it broke me!
The story is not supposed to be sad, it's supposed to be happy, laughted-filled, sunny and bright and funny and smelling of hay and forests.
The story is hurt,abused!Jensen with A LOT and I mean A LOT of comforting!Jared (it's my story, I can do what I want! :P)
There's a three sentences ('m not kidding) long het scene in the story that made me bang my head against my desk, because ... well ... het?! Really!? Ugh

That's it ... I am VERY confident that I can do this! I am! Just ... **takes a deep breath** 14.000 or so more words to go!
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*clears throat* umm, okay my lovely f-list ... umm so I have been giving a lot of thought into MAYBE signing up for this years spn_j2_bigbang *coughs* I still have time until Feb. 1st so ... yeah .. okay ... still some time!

Read on or run away and save your sanity! )


Jan. 6th, 2014 07:59 pm
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I sometimes ... wonder ... why can't I write something simple and short!? I read so many stories where the plot's done amazingly and all wrapped into this short, awesome, simple story that's still so amazing, you have the feeling that there's absolutely nothing missing, even if the plot's crammed into idk 2.000 words!? And 'm talking stories where the plot could easily be stretched into 20.000 words, yet it's done in 2.000 or so words and there's absolutely nothing missing in terms of feelings, scenes, dialogue, etc.

WHY?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?! I would have so many stories done, finished and posted if I could do that ... if I could neatly fold a plot into 2.000 words or so!!!

But noooo, I have to write damn novels, have to stretch the freakin' plot into 10.000 words or more ... *makes a gagging sound*
And even if I do somehow manage to write a story, and make it have a plot and be all nice, in 2.000 words or so, I always FEEL there's something missing and I have to edit and edit and edit until the story is 8.000 words long and here we go again!

I hate this, I really do. And I don't even know why this is such a problem - 's not like a lot of people read what I write - but it is and it's kinda driving me nuts!

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... because the last time I checked it was June 4th! Jeez ... I am working on so many stories, I don't know which one to post first, OR which one to really sit down and work on. *sigh* the problem of too many ideas ... *sigh* I do have the next story of kosti!verse done, I just have to edit a few mistakes first and then I will post. *fist pump*
And weirdly enough, I have like *counts* 4 stories happening in space in the works, well 1 of them is done already, which *fist pump* and 3 more to do. Then I have a slave!fic in the works with so much h/c going on, that my teeth hurt (poor Jensen *winces*), but I only work on that one, when I really, really desire h/c of epic proportions. Then I am 4 pages into a narcolepsy!Jensen fic ... it's making me sad, so... I can't really work on that one on a sunny day *sigh* Then I am working on a prison!fic that I really enjoy writing... really do.. I am about 20 pages in... it's a bit of a weird one, but heh, you should be used to 'weird' from me, so ... maybe I will do more work on that one today ...
BUT ... I am also reading a lot ... which maybe I should stop, because then I will get no story finished. *grumbles* the problem of too many awesome stories to read *grumbles*

Anyways ... my amazing, super awesome f-list, I hope your summer is going great!!!! Love you all! Don't be strangers now!



May. 15th, 2013 11:34 am
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I'm frustrated. I'm writing a story, a one shot, short (well at least I hope it will be, lol), and the story only has two scenes, one happening at one place, the other someplace else, and I can see it all happen in my head, I can freaking smell it, but ... I just can't seem to put what I see into words. It's so frustrating! And annoying! I mean its just two scenes, damnit! Two scenes to put into words, scenes I see soooooo clearly in my head when I close my eyes, but when I wanna write it all down ... no words come to me. *shakes head* But I have to write it, otherwise my head will explode. *sigh*
And then I'm all like, but who will read this? And then I'm like, write for your own peace of mind! But... but... uhhh... idk... and then I'm like, is this steampunk? Or is this just another made up world? And then I'm like, ugh just write, you moron!
Rant over.
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I'm baaack... and yeah still alive and kicking life in its ass. :)
I'm thinking no one missed me here, but for the sake of my own sanity, I'm still gonna say I'M SORRY for not updating The Hunt (will update, I will never abandon the story, you can be sure of that) BUT:

1. I wanted to give you all some vacation time too... what with Big Bang going on, and all other summer challanges, I thought that I should give you a break from The Hunt so that you would be able to read other stories :) and I'm going through BB myself and yeah found some really awesome stories that dragged me in :)

2. I was on vacation.... went on a little road trip for 2 weeks with my friend.... discovered that I hate Italy (which I kinda already knew), France is way way too polite and strange for me, Germany made me go: O.o, and that Vienna will always, ALWAYS be the city I'm in love with :)

3. So when I came back home, I found the house in total, complete, utter chaos and it has taken me a week, A WEEK to get everything back as to how I want it, and I'm still not done yet... still have these little thingies that need to be done so that everything will be as it was when I left.... *sigh* I dunno what my parents were doing these two weeks, but as much as I can see... nothing much! LOL so that's taking a lot of my time too

4. and it's time for the 2nd grass cutting so... yeah I spend most of my days out on the fields and meadows.... exhausting.... and the horses need care and my cats are crazy and my dog, well let's not even go there. so yeah.... life is busy.

5. Will update The Hunt as soooon as I can.... I have the next chapter all planned out, I just need to get some time to write it on my computer and edit it... I seriously can not even tell you, how much I'm enjoying myself in the world of the hunt... idk.. it's weird, but I love it... :) so yeah... the story will never be abandoned, I'll always update, even if it'll take some time between updates... :)

anyways... hope you all ( or well whoever will read this) are having an awesome summer!!!!!! 



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