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Title: I Wanna Teach You A Lesson In The Worst Kinda Way
Author: [ profile] soncnica
Artist: [ profile] amber1960
Beta: [ profile] vyperdd
Written for: Supernatural Hardcore BigBang
Rating: NC-17
Genre/Pairing: Sam/Dean
Wordcount: cca.15.000 words
Summary: Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name, it will be held against you …
Warnings/tags: hurt/comfort, bottom!Dean, dom/sub, punishment, object insertion -> catheter, watersports (kind of, but not really), desperation, established relationship, coming untouched, begging&crying, praise, rimming&fingering (little bit), belly!kink, licking&touching (it deserves a warning, me thinks like whoa), humiliation (not intended, but still), trust!, control and loss of it, no-sex, POV-altering, explicit language
Disclaimer: I own the story, but I do NOT own SPN, Sam or Dean or anything related to that. No!
A/N1: Story contains NSFW art, so please beware! Title & summary from Fall Out Boy's song 'Just One Yesterday'. Me no own that!
A/N2: I still can't believe that I got to work with [ profile] amber1960; I still feel so giddy, because I've loved her art since well, the 1st time I saw it. Stunning work she makes and I felt soooooo happy when I discovered she chose my summary to do art for. Oh gosh, oh gosh and did you see what she created!!!?? No?! Then what are you still doing here, go over THERE and tell her how stunning it all is! I included the art she did in the story also, so beware of NSFW pics! I love what she did with the light, the colors and well the boys! No one does Dean and Sam's tushies the way she does.
A/N3: My beta [ profile] vyperdd is a sweeeeeetheart and without her and all of her KIND/AMAZING/INCREDIBLE/AWESOME squee-ing about this, I really would've thrown this story away and not post it. Thank you so much for fixing all the mistakes and for your encouragements and for telling me that this is actually hardcore enough for a hardcore BB! :)
A/N4: My f-list, you know exactly who ... without your encouragment this story'd never come to light. Thanks.


Story on AO3

Story on LJ starts here (parts are linked at the bottom, or at least I tried, LOL):

PART 1 _:_ PART 2 _:_  PART 3 _:_  PART 4


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