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Title: Hook(ed)
Author: soncnica
Rating: R
Genre/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Wordcount: cca. 10.400 words
Summary: Jensen got hook(ed) in more ways than he ever imagined when he crashed his neighbor's party. And it felt so good. So good.
Warnings: steampunk AU, a hook deliberately through someone's skin (idk how to warn for that LOL), mention of: needle play, het and sounding, dirty talk (more like 'planting ideas, hoping they'll grow' … is that dirty talk? heh), hurt!comfort, hurt!Jensen, off screen death of a minor character (grief and loss), pain and blood, non-con that turns into consensual (could also say coercion/persuasion?!), implied future dom/sub relationship (probably not-sexual), coming untouched, voyeurism (kinda), language, no permanent damage, not a death fic
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: Just for the record, I HATE NEEDLES *yikes*, but then the show started to use so many injections I was feeling physically sick, BUT … then something happened. I was like, BUT, BUT, BUT if Sam and Dean aren't scared than I can be not scared too, darnit. And when I went to the doctor to get my migraines checked out and stuff, the doc took a blood sample and she was like: you're all cool today and I just grinned, because hello, if Sam and Dean can do it, I CAN TOO, DARNIT! And well, needles aren't that scary, not really. So I went a bit further and wrote this. THIS IS NOT hooks in skin and so on, this is more like '''''''went fishing and the person with me didn't know how to throw the fishhook right'''''' kinda thingy LOL

Hook(ed) )
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Title: All The Nobody People
Author: soncnica
Rating: NC-17 (because of the non-con scene)
Genre/Pairing: Jared/OMC (brief), Jensen, Jared (general)
Wordcount: cca. 6.800
Summary: In this city of power, sex and money, he was just trying to survive. In this city of steel and wood, the drug was the only way for him to stay alive. In this city of steam and coal, the green eyed man was the only one who ever saw him.
Warnings: steampunk AU, hooker!Jared, drugs, drug use!!, h/c, language, non-con Jared/OMC (super short scene), not a death fic (just in case).
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: The title of the story is from David Bowie's song Five Years. I own absolutely nothing. Betaed by the lovely marlowe78. If I would have worked on this story for one more hour, I'd have gone insane. :)

All The Nobody People )


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