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Title: Vultures
Author: soncnica
Rating: R, or close to NC-17
Genre/Pairing: AU, Jared/Jensen, OMC's, OFC's
Wordcount: cca. 7.900
Summary: He lives in that house; him and the others. They’re all family.
Warnings/tags: blood, death (not J2), talk of sex/no sex, bottom!Jensen, mystery?, kinda dark fic, explicit language, super short Jensen/OFC, implied age difference&underage, weirdness all around.
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: I should really be doing work on my BigBang, but I also just really wanted to write something like this. *runs away*



Nov. 19th, 2016 07:39 pm
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Title: Mercy
Author: soncnica
Rating: R
Genre/Pairing: AU, general, Jared, Jensen
Wordcount: cca. 1.400
Summary: ... mercy, mercy ...
Warnings/tags: hurt!Jensen, blood, mystery?
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.

Mercy )

The Teller

Sep. 14th, 2015 12:04 pm
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Title: The Teller
Author: soncnica
Rating: R,G?
Genre/Pairing: AU, general, Jared, Jensen, Genevieve, OMC's, OFC's, implied Jared/Jensen
Wordcount: cca. 14.500 words
Summary: Jared is a Teller; he's been born as one, it's who he is. And Lord Ackles summoned him to Tell.
Warnings/tags: AU (fantasy, historical, Middle Ages), mpreg, pregnant!Jensen, mystery&secrets, kind of dark!fic, implied/referenced minor character(s) death(s), magic, blood magic, language, comfort, emotional hurt/comfort, Jared has powers, referenced/implied off screen child death, happy ending, crying, grief/mourning, no sex, childhood memories
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nothing!!! Really nothing!!!
A/N: What did I just write, what?!?!?!?! I have a very complicated relationship with mpreg, but still ... I wrote this. *shakes head* Maybe because this isn't mpreg mpreg, but ... sort of mpreg, I found it easier to write!? Dunno .... also, if I don't start posting this, I'll chicken out and never finish this, so ... here goes. Please read the warnings, as they're there for a reason!

PART 1 _II_  PART 2 _II_  PART 3 // AO3
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Title: In Ruins - Rising Tide
Author: [ profile] soncnica
Artist: [ profile] dollarformyname
Beta: [ profile] marlowe78
Written for: Sam Dean OTP MiniBang 2014
Rating: R
Genre/Pairing: gen, no pairings
Wordcount: cca. 50.040 words
Summary: Sam, the Inquisitor and Dean, the Hunter are trying to save the Land from a killer that cannot be seen or smelled or touched, a killer that attacks more viciously than anything anyone has ever faced. And it left the Land in ruins.
Warnings/tags: fantasy AU (a mix of medieval times & present time), blood, gore, disgusting imagery, language, hurt/comfort, POV changes (but I think they aren’t very distracting), hurt!Dean, dark!fic, mystery, magic, mention of torture, nudity, boys raised apart (but they know of each other&are together for 3/4 of the story), not a death fic
Disclaimer: I own the story, but I do NOT own SPN, Sam or Dean or anything related to that. No!
A/N1: Inspired by the (taken out of context) lyrics of Fall Out Boy's 'Alone Together' from their new album. If you'll listen to the song, you'll 'hear' some familiar uh words. LOL
A/N2: My artist was phenomenal; she created pictures out of my words and she did it amazingly, spectacularly and I can't praise her work enough. There are no words, I love every single art piece she did for this, and I used it all in the story itself, but please, please, please go to her art post HERE and tell her just how much her art is brilliant. She captured the creepiness, the atmosphere of the story, and all I can do is bow before the stunning work she created. I am without words just how must the art compliments the story and I feel like the story doesn't do the art justice at all. Thank you [ profile] dollarformyname for choosing my story, thank you for all the hard, hard work you put into it, thank you so so much!! *hugs you*
A/N3: Well my beta had to suffer through another round of my comma obsession and screwed up tenses. That poor girl, she deserves a huge, huge thank you!!!!
A/N4: My amazing f-list ... thank you for all your kind words, for your hand holding and for telling me that there's nothing wrong with a little bit of gen :) Love&peace!

This is a road to restoration,

But we're starting at the end.


Story on AO3

Story on LJ:  PROLOGUE     _:_     PART I     _:_     PART II     _:_     PART III
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Title: Mine/Yours/Mine
Author: soncnica
Rating: NC-17
Genre/Pairing: AU, Jensen/Jared
Wordcount: cca. 3.200 words
Summary: He belonged to no one … until ...
Warnings: werewolf!AU, bottom!Jensen, knotting, claiming, marking with come, blood
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: Perhaps this has some plot, but mostly its just kinda dirty porn, heh.

Mine/Yours/Mine )
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Title: Like A Superhero (with disordered superpowers)
Author: soncnica
Rating: R
Genre/Pairing: AU, Jensen, Jared, general (no pairings)
Wordcount: cca. 7.500
Summary: Falling asleep is his superpower. Not very aaaaamazing.
Warnings: hurt/comfort, sick!Jensen, age difference (Jensen is 16, Jared is 24), narcolepsy, talk and attempt (in the past) of suicide, bullying, talk of depression, possible medical inaccuracies (I think you can't be accurate about something you don't have), language, memories.
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: I didn't really specify in this story WHEN it's happening, as in which time period, so … it's open to interpretation.

Like A Superhero (with disordered superpowers) )
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Title: In Between
Author: [ profile] soncnica
Artist: [ profile] blythechild
Beta: [ profile] marlowe78
Rating: R
Genre/Pairing: Jensen, Jared, OMC's, OFC's, general (no pairings)
Wordcount: cca. 100.077 words (apparently I vomit words *shrugs*)
Summary: They were here first - a story of Earth destroyed because of fear. A story of cities in ruins, overgrown forests, crystals, home in ice, frozen lakes and spacious caves. A story of anger and fear and stars and darkness and forgiveness. A story of finding family in the most unlikely places. A story of sacrifice and letting go of what one never really had.
Warnings: hurt/comfort, hurt!Jensen, hurt!Jared, BAMF!Jensen, disturbing imagery (creepy, dark, weird, fantasy, violence), blood&gore, blood drinking, future!fic - apocalyptic Earth, fantasy, death of minor character(s), drugs (mention and non-con use), not a death fic (per se), explicit language, grief, loneliness.
Disclaimer: I seriously only own the grammar/spelling mistakes. Everything else is NOT MINE! ALL IS FICTION.
A/N: So my 1st spn_j2_bigbang. Hope whoever will read this will enjoy it.

Thank you to: my artist (for the beautiful banner), thank you to my beta (who had to suffer through my very unhealthy obsession with commas and oh man, what would I do without my beta?), and thank you to my f-list (who are just absolutely stunning, wonderful bunch of people and without them I'd quit this story a long time ago). And I feel like I should apologize to the people of the world, for destroying their countries in this story, oops!

There are no words to describe my gratitude to everyone who listened to me whine about this. But now this is done, I'm done and now let's go back to how things were prior me signing up for BigBang. Love&peace&hugs!



Story on AO3

Story on LJ starts here, chapters ARE linked at the bottom (or at least I tried):














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