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Well to be honest, though, he didn’t know much about girls, not really. All he had were very vague, very clouded memories of his mother and decades of living under this roof with Jared’s three cousins. Corrine was the one who taught him all about the woman’s body, let him touch her wherever he wanted, but it didn’t entice him much. What did make him go all weak and make his mouth water, was … Jared.

But he did have fond memories of how Corrine pulled him into her room when he’d been fourteen, all awkward and shy, pulled him all the way over to her bed and let her nightgown fall to the floor. He’d never seen anyone naked before that, especially not a woman. But that evening, when dusk had been especially orange and red, he saw breasts for the first time. Held them in his hands, how soft they were, how bouncy, how the nipples hardened when he slid his fingertip over them. It made him laugh, and it made Corrine laugh too, but then she spread herself on her bed and showed him everything. Opened herself up to his fingers, but all he got from that had been sticky fingers and a weird smell.

He’d been blushing something awful and she noticed how she hadn’t been doing anything for him at all and when he’d been about to leave, apologizing profusely, she leaned to him, and whispered: “It’s all right, Jensen. You’re too young for Jared still, but give it a year or two and you’ll be all his.”

She’d been right, of course.

Another giggle, this one from Annabel, made him want to bang his head against the table, but instead he looked into their direction, watching how everyone danced and walked around the woman, touching her here and there, as you please, and how she stood there, terrified, in shock, losing her dignity, trying to fight them all off, twisting away from their probing hands. As if she was being tortured. That made him smile. Bitch had it coming.

As he slapped more butter on the small piece of toast, he remembered how it was when he’d come to this house.

He’d been seven. Still wet behind the ears, figuratively and literally. All he could remember was waking up in a bed with someone always hovering above him, making him drink this and that, every time the stuff tasting fouler. Then he fell asleep again and woke up again, with the same person’s face above him, mouth moving, but he couldn’t hear a thing. All he could hear were screams. Later he found out that the screams had been his. He didn’t remember pain, not really pain as pain, but more like a phantom feeling of something skinning him alive. He remembered touch, most of all.

Gentle at times, but suffocating and bone-grinding at others. Jared had explained to him what had happened, how he’d been found completely wet, barefoot and naked as the day he’d been born, on a path that led from the town’s market to the town’s square. Found alone. He didn’t like to think about those times, because all they gave him was a headache and a sense of melancholy. He wished he’d still be that young, a child, with the whole house and its inhabitants protecting him as if he came from their blood. But they took him in, as if he had been from their own flesh and blood. Took him in, fed him, clothed him, educated him, gave him a home. They really didn’t have to do that, he knew that now. They really, really didn’t have to do that.

Honestly, even if his whole family, the real one, would come knocking on that door, asking him to come back to them, he’d shut the door in their faces. He was home. This, this living, breathing manor with its dented stairs and the people living here, were his family.
As he looked at Corrine and Annabel and Astor and even Rolland, all he saw were his brother and sisters, and well, Rolland was more like his grumpy old grandpa. And when he looked at Jared, all he saw was … everything; a friend, a brother, a lover, a teacher, a protector, a father. And once, years back, when Jared had been so deep inside of him he could feel him in his throat and whispered Iloveyou before he kissed him, well … what did that make them, then?

“So, toast’s gone.”


He went way, way too far down memory lane there, so he startled at Jared’s voice.

“I said the toast’s gone.” Jared squinted his eyes and for Jensen that either meant two things, a) Jared was worried about him and b) gentle sex. And because they were in the middle of breakfast, option two was out of the question. While he wasn’t shy, but having Jared bend him over in front of everyone, wasn’t really something that he thought would get him off. But then again, what did he know? Jared had taught him a lot of things about his own body that he never knew would feel good or were even possible.
But, he was right. Option two was out of the question at this point, so option a) it was.

“Are you okay, Jensen? You’ve been really weird the whole morning. I know you wanted to talk to me, so … you can talk to me.”

He already had his mouth half open to spill the beans about what was up with him, but he closed it shut. It wasn’t Jared’s fault, for how the morning had been going. It wasn’t Jared’s fault that he felt annoyed the second he got out of bed. It was just … who he was, he supposed. There would always be tomorrow, another day to tell Jared in private what he needed to say. It wasn’t even that big of a deal, really wasn’t.

He moved his hand from his groin, where he was still trying to get his junk to behave and moved it to the pocket of his vest. He fingered the key in there, the key he had made for Jared to lock his room’s door whenever Jensen was in there, because he lost count of how many times they were both interrupted while Jared had two or three fingers up his ass stretching him until he was screaming and begging. And then baaam, someone would burst into the room, making Jared pull his fingers out of his ass which really wasn’t pleasant and sometimes it downright hurt and make Jensen scramble for the blanket. Most of the time it was Corrine, and Jensen thought that she’d developed a kink for seeing them like that. He’d told her numerous times that she should knock and wait, but the little bad princess that she was just looked at him with her big brown eyes all innocent and whispered: “But Jensen, you look so pretty on your hands and knees, spread open on my cousin’s long fingers. Has he put all of them in you, yet?”

And that was that and that was the time he decided that making a key was definitely, definitely something he needed to do right away. He needed to put a stop to her insane voyeuristic kinky ways, because if he knew anything about her, she’d one day outright demand to be included. He wasn’t really sure if he’d say no. But he … also … didn’t want to share Jared with anyone. And he didn’t want to give himself to anyone else, either.

Jared was looking at him, expecting an answer, but he didn’t know what to tell the man. The truth always worked best, though.

“I pissed off Lucius.”

He was expecting a laugh, but he wasn’t expecting Jared to nearly fall of his damn chair.

“You done?”

Jared wasn’t done. Not even close.

“You done now?”

“Ahhh, Jensen that was just … you and that cat. Precious. Look,” Jared extended his arm across the table, getting his forearm dipped into melted butter, coffee spills and dirty plates, took the knife out of his hand and gripped his fingers, “I’ll tell Rolland that next week, he’ll have a little bit more laundry to do, okay.”

Jared’s fingers intertwining with his made his dick jump to attention again. He finally had it under control, but one touch … warmth of those fingers, memories of what those fingers could do to him, inside of him, on him, how much power there was in them, how much strength … his mouth started to water. Just out of the blue, his mouth became flooded with saliva and he could barely swallow it all. He worked all of his muscles to get all that spit down his gullet, because he really didn’t want to start drooling in front of the man. That would be just a little too much for his pride to take.

“Okay.” Was all he could say and the word came out in a gasp, because that’s what he felt like doing. Gasping, until Jared would say ‘that’s enough, you pretty, pretty slut of mine’ and push him out of the chair and keep on pushing him to the back of the ballroom, down the hallway and into his room. Push him on his bed, strip him naked, bend him in half and make him weep.

“Great, now, if you’ll excuse me, miss I didn’t give you one has had enough of harassment for today, right?”

Well, he didn’t know the answer to that. He couldn’t move his eyes away from Jared’s face to see what his cousins were doing with the damn bitch.

He didn’t care, they could’ve eaten her alive, for all he cared. All he wanted right then, was for Jared to come to him, push him on the table and bare his soul and body for all to see.

Get a grip.

He toyed with the key in his pocket some more, a distraction away from Jared’s face and a knowing smirk that started to grow there.
Before he could even react to that fuckin’ smirk, the grip his fingers were in became stronger and he was being pulled straight from his chair, his chest nearly crashing onto the table top, his other hand coming to rest on the empty plate that had held the delicious toast, his head coming over Jared’s shoulder and his ear coming to rest right in front of Jared’s mouth.

“We’ll get there, Jensen. Don’t worry. First, I have to go take care of the miss over there.”

He gulped and his eyes went wide. This was a promise for either a rough sex or a slow, teasing one. Either way, there’ll be some blood and tears spilled on the sheets tonight, but he was okay with that. Jared had a magic touch, after all.

He was let go as quickly as he’d been pulled all the way across the table. His feet were still trying to find the floor as he watched Jared slowly walk to where his cousins were still jumping all over the woman who now looked as if she was completely done with everyone and life itself. Her bun wasn’t a bun anymore, but a very messy ponytail. Her long, fresh out of a washing machine green-blue dress came undone at some point and she was trying to hold the whole thing up with her hands, but she wasn’t doing a good job at it because at the back it slipped down and Jensen could see the swell of the woman’s ass. Miss I didn’t give you one looked as if she was one second away from crying.

Jensen knew the feeling; he was one second away from crying too, if someone wouldn’t do something about his dripping, aching dick.
He took a deep breath and walked around the table, to be closer to everyone else. They stood by the fountain, his cousins and the woman, while Rolland and Maria, the maid, stood ramrod straight opposite them, with their backs to the linen closets that lined that wall. It looked like a weird stand-off, although he already knew who the winner would be.

Jared walked over there owning the room, owning the manor, owning his strides, owning the damn world, and when he was almost to the woman’s side, he called out: “So, miss I didn’t give you one,” when she turned around to face him, to speak to him, Jared was already near her and Jensen didn’t even flinch when Jared’s hand went straight into her chest. Right through what had remained of her dress, the corset that had come undone too – Jensen’s bet was on Corrine - and her ribs, directly to her heart, “it’s impolite not to give a name when asked.”

Jensen was pretty sure the woman still heard what Jared said, but then Jared swiftly pulled out his hand with a squelch, holding her heart in his open palm. It was still moving, if only for a second or two, until it stilled completely.

Jared’s arm was covered with dark red blood up to the middle of his forearm. Jensen could see the woman’s eyes go glassy and lifeless as she began falling backwards, right into Astor’s arms. Her dress came completely undone then, falling to the floor, making the woman look like a doll with the doll maker still deciding what kind of a dress to make for her. There wasn’t much color on her, as Astor held her, but a hole in her chest, spilling red down her stomach and ribs.

“There you go, now you can play with her all you want.”

Jensen smiled when Corrine squealed like a baby pig and tugged Jared down into a hug: “You’re the best, cuz.”

“Let go of me, jeesh.”

But he was smiling, while still holding the woman’s heart in his hand, pointing outwards, so not to soil Corrine’s beautiful red and black dress. Jensen was sure blood stains wouldn’t even be seen on the dress, but Jared, always the gentleman.
She let go of him as fast as she hugged him and Jared still wore the silly smile when he walked towards Rolland, the butler and Maria, the maid.

“Here,” he extended the hand and practically pushed the fresh heart into Rolland’s chest, “don’t say I never give you anything.”

Rolland bowed down and said so many thank you’s that it made Jensen think Rolland and Maria hadn’t eaten anything in months.
And then … then Jared turned towards him. Started walking to him, with the white shirt, stained with blood a little at the cuffs, and the gray vest and darker shade of pants and blood dripping from his hand, blood staining those long, strong fingers.

Saliva flooded Jensen’s mouth again and he took a step back, as Jared took a step forward. Another one. Another one. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest, pushing against his ribcage, he could hear running water in his ears, leaves rustling. His stomach was doing somersaults, his eyes nearly glazing over with fear and want. He was prey to a hunter right now. One wrong step and he’d get devoured, flesh pulled off of his bones with nothing but teeth, bones broken to suck out the marrow, spread open and sucked of all his juices. Made to bleed, made to scream, made to be eaten from the outside in.

He took another step back, as Jared made another forward.

He was human, while Jared was not and even though Jared knew the limits, had pushed Jensen to them and slightly over them at times, he was still scared. Turned on, so very much turned on, his dick a source of pain all over his lower half, but he was still scared.

So, he took another step back and sat down at the table, the seat of his chair still warm from before. He could hear his cousins tear flesh from the woman, could hear them all slurping and ripping and tearing and chewing, but his eyes were glued to Jared.
It was times like these that Jared terrified him, but it was also times like these, when his love for the man got even more cemented in his whole being. When Jared could fight his nature and come to him, slowly, openly; the love and trust between them grew even stronger roots.

There was a glass of orange juice with his name on it on the table and he took it, sipping it slowly, watching Jared slowly sit back down on his chair. He placed the glass back where he found it and casually asked: “So…”

“She was a lady. A relative. She wanted this manor and well,” Jared’s voice was a rasp of very carefully picked words, because Jensen figured the man wasn’t capable of much more at the moment, “can’t let that happen, right?”

He nodded. No, couldn’t let that happen. No one would ever take this manor away from them. Jared had kept it going for centuries and Jensen, human as he was, nearing his thirties as he was, he wanted to spend centuries in this manor too.

“So, uh, what are your plans for today?”

He needed to tread carefully, let the adrenaline run out of Jared. Calm.

“You gonna go out and … feed?”

“Now, Jensen,” Jared leaned forward, breathing directly into his face, lips inches apart and just as Jensen was sure they’d kiss, Jared found his hand and gripped it by the wrist. His fingers were slick and warm with all the blood and as Jared sat back down, he stretched his arm across the table top. It wasn’t a wide tabletop, actually it was pretty narrow which was a nuisance sometimes, so he didn’t have to rip his shoulder out of its socket to get his arm across the surface. He watched as Jared turned his arm, so that the meaty underside of his forearm was pointing up to the ceiling and Jared’s hungry eyes, “why would I go out, when I have”
He whimpered as he saw Jared lean down, because he knew what was coming. It was going to hurt, but he could handle it. He’d had worse, been bitten in worse places than his forearm. As Jared sunk his teeth into the meat, he screamed and came in his pants like the slut that he was for Jared’s bites.

The End

A/N2: Thank you for reading and before anyone says it, I’ll say it: ‘sequel?’ my answer: ‘I’ve got two pages of it already written, so that would be a, umm, 50-50’. Have a wonderful day.

Date: 2017-04-02 09:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!...sequel pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease...xxxx

Date: 2017-04-03 09:03 am (UTC)
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Hey :D
Thank you so much for reading and yes, the sequel is in the works :):)


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So dark and mysterious - a very compelling read! Thank you for sharing! take care :)

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Hi :)

Thank YOU for reading :) I love me some dark and mysterious *happy sigh* :D



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